Author: Dacota

Album: Flying Clouds

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Fillings Временно отсутствует 7,1M Скачать mp3 1,9M
First day (WaLking on the Milky Way) Временно отсутствует 44,3M Скачать mp3 12,6M
Rustle of water Временно отсутствует 5,3M Скачать mp3 1,4M
The Old fluite Временно отсутствует 30,3M -
The Gay grass Временно отсутствует 11,1M Скачать mp3 3,1M
The Moon Временно отсутствует 11,8M Скачать mp3 3,3M


Was born in Salekhard, in Tyumen region.
He comes from a family of two interlinking cultures of the
Golden Hill Indians(Golds) and North Amerikan Indians (Cheyennes).

He studied guttural singing in Tuva with DjarnalOola, the famous
musician. Dacota has studied the ethnic traditions of kaichi
(flying beetle), the Kalmyk traditional of shaman singing,
the Buryat traditionals of steppe spirits, and the Indian
community singing of the Lacota tribers. He has participated
in contests of folk art in Buryatia,Khakasia,Tuva, and Kalmykia.

Contacts: Novosibirsk, phone +7-3832-270088


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